Many of us dream of watching our kids grow and of watching their kids grow. We daydream about retiring with a ton of cash, allowing us to indulge and take a trip in our preferred pastimes. If we think of death at all, it is just to hope that we live a long life, dying silently in our sleep, a very long time from now. This is a great objective, and … Read More

Being a comedian is not standard. Most successful comedians do their own scripts and perform their material on stage, most of period not knowing if for example the audience will actually laugh at the lines poked. Then again, we individuals sign up for who have earned a good name in this sector. These talented comedians always be part of comedy's "b… Read More

So your relationship has deviated for the worst and you wish to win your lady back or you have just heard the words "lets simply be buddies" or the popular expression "I'm just not seeking to fulfill anybody today." You have spent many hours seducing the female and now you are standing alone on the street corner preparing to head house to an empty … Read More